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Reiki I Home Study
This course has been designed to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. Having guided students through each Reiki level; Reiki I, II, Advanced & Master Teacher, we have witnessed the profound affects this healing system has for those who follow it. This study is the culmination of all our years of learning and teaching, as well as living by the Reiki Principles and experiencing first hand the benefits of Master Mikao Usui's, the founder of Reiki, teaching's

  • Receive your Reiki Manual and Workbook direct to your inbox
  • Guided Reiki Attunement in the comfort of your own home
  • Opportunity to join our live workshops and receive your Attuenment in person if you so wish
  • Becoming a member of our community you will receive offers to join our live trainings at a exclusive members' rate
  • Help is at hand, again as a member of our growing community you will receive exclusive offers for one-to-one mentoring
Life challenges you to be your BEST-self. When you are sat in the challenge, pain, anxiety and sadness you do not always see the way out but there is always a way

We understand how it feels to be lost, confused, not knowing which way to go, feeling alone and not knowing how to change it but you truly can change anything   

We have shared with thousands of people how to embrace the challenges and overcome the mountains that are presented in life.You can't change what has happened but you can change how you feel about it 

Reiki is a very deep yet gentle way to help yourself, building your connection with yourself and your surroundings

Anxiety can interfere with your daily routines, job and social life...take action today...

Reiki helps with:
  •  Anxiety, Stress and Depression
  • Creating Balance in your Life 
  •  Clarity and Focus
  •  Energy and Relaxation 
  • Wellbeing and Understanding 
"It's so logical!"
This is a comment we hear time and time again... the principles itself, the way its taught and the guidance it gives are all LOGICAL...so many are surprised by this and love the simplicty... 
What others have said...
"Completing my First Degree Reiki has helped me meet the challenges of my life in a whole new way.  The team at YLK Mentors are so inspiring, they have actually transformed my life. I would whole heartedly recommend anyone thinking about taking Reiki to join the YLK Mentors community.  I am truly excited about continuing my journey and taking the Reiki II course...Thank you so much"
                                                  - C Hughes (Yorkshire)
"After feeling lost and being diagnosed with cancer, I didn't know which direction to go in.  After hearing Yvette's story I knew she was the one to help me.  Her guidance gave me the ability to find myself again, overcome my fears and gain a clear direction.  My progress has baffled my consultants as I continue to go from strength to strength.  In my Journey of reiki I, II and Advance it has given me more of a sense of me, gaining my confidence and I've now moved forward in my career"
                                                                        - HL Jones (London)
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